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Being a parent is a wonderful and rewarding experience. We want to help you enjoy parenting your new child and to support you during times when you may need extra help or advice.

We have developed handbooks to help you look after your child, from ages 0-5 and 6-12. They include information on general welfare and wellbeing and common childhood illnesses to help you keep your child safe and healthy.

Every parent, guardian or carer wants to know what is best for their growing baby and to give them the best start in life. You can use these handbooks to seek advice on general welfare as well as helpful information on what to do when your baby or child is ill. These handbooks will guide you on how to care for your child at home and when to seek professional help and advice. They will give you information on which service to contact, e.g. when to call NHS 111, your GP, emergency services or health visitor.

Most of the issues you will face are simply an everyday part of growing up, often helped by a chat with a healthcare professional. Almost all babies, toddlers and children will get most common childhood illnesses like constipation, colds, sore throats and ear infections. While these are not very nice at the time, they are often easily treated at home with the support from your local pharmacy or NHS 111 rather than going to your GP or A&E.

Every parent wants to know what to do if their child is unwell and how to recognise the signs. If you are worried and need further advice call NHS 111. We hope you find these handbooks useful. You can request a paper copy by calling 01206 918 653 or emailing neeccg.comms@nhs.net. Further health advice is available at www.livewellcampaign.co.uk and www.nhs.uk. 

We also held a childhood illness workshop at the One Shop in Colchester on 4 February, with a focus on fever and respiratory illnesses. We plan to continue holding workshops throughout the year on key children's health topics.

A guide to caring for your children from birth - 5 years

A guide to caring for young children aged 6-12 years


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