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A&E - Accident & Emergency

ACE - Anglian Community Enterprise

ADT - Admission Discharge and Transfer

AfC - Agenda for Change: The single pay system in operation in the NHS which applies to all directly employed NHS staff (except doctors, dentists and some very senior managers).

AGM - Annual General Meeting

AHP - Allied Health Professional

ALOS - Average Length of Stay

AMPDS - Code Advance Medical Priority Dispatch System Code (codes used to describe the medical issue of the patient e.g code 06 is breathing problems).

AO - Authorising Officer/Accountable Officer

APC - Admitted Patient Care: Routine inpatient activity which includes emergencies and day surgery cases, usually when a patient is admitted to a ward and uses a bed for a period of time (not necessarily overnight).

APMS - Alternative Provider Medical Services

AQI - Ambulance Quality Indicator

AQP -Any Qualified Provider Arrival to Handover Term referring to the time taken from the point at which an ambulance arrives at hospital to the point at which they clinically handover the patient.

ARU - Anglian Ruskin University

ASC - Adult Social Care


BA - Business Analyst: Uses information to produce an analysis of services or an organisation. This may involve generating monthly reports on service performance and flagging areas of concern.

BC - Business Case

BCF - Better Care Fund

BCG - (bacillus Calmette-Guerin) Tuberculosis Vaccincation

BCS - British Computer Society (The Chartered Institute for IT): Liaises with other professional bodies, the government, industry and academics to initiate and inform debate on IT strategic issues. It also offers a range of professional qualifications and local events to members. The NHS Leadership Academy organises BCS membership for all Informatics Trainees when they join the scheme. http://www.bcs.org/.

BESD - Behavioural and Emotional Support needs

BI - Business Intelligence: The use of technology, methodologies and theories to transform raw data into useful and meaningful information which can be used for business analysis. This allows for the use and interpretation of large volumes of data.

BM - Business Manager

BME - Black and Minority Ethnic Groups


CAA - Comprehnesive Area Assessment

CAIT - Child Abuse Investigation Team (of police)

Caldicott Guardian - Every NHS organisation must have a Caldicott Guardian, a senior member of staff responsible for ensuring the organisation adheres to the Caldicott Principles on handling and security of confidential patient data.

CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

CARS - Crisis Assessment Responce Service

CARU - Children's Assessmnet Unit

CATPPB - Care Around The Person Programme Board

CA-UTI - Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection

C&B/CAB - Choose & Book: A service which allows patients to choose their hospital or clinic after agreement with their GP that they need an appointment, and to book their first appointment, choosing date and time.

CC2H - Care Closer to Home

CCB - Clinical Commissioning Board

CCC - Children's Continuing Care

CCG - Clinical Commissioning Group: Clinically (GP) led geographically based groups, widely replacing Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), overseen by NHS England. They commission healthcare services including community, urgent and mental health care, with the aim to give GPs and other clinicians the power to influence commissioning decisions for their patients.

CCO - Clinical Chief Officer

CCVS - Colchester Community Voluntary Service

C.Diff - Clostidium Difficile: An acquired infection often secondary to antibiotic use.

CECS - Central Essex Community Services

CDOP - Child Death Overview Panel

CDR - Child Death Review

CDS - Commissioning Data Set: Form the basis of data on activity carried out in an NHS trust, reported centrally for monitoring and payment purposes. Support current HRG’s for calculation of payment to trusts.

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

CfH - Connecting for Health: The Informatics Directorate of the Department of Health, maintaining and developing national services and applications, including: Spine; N3; NHSmail; Choose and Book; Electronic Prescription Service. Replaced the National Programme for IT to allow for a more locally-led system of procurement to operate, aspiring to 'connect all', rather than 'replace all' systems.

CFO - Chief Finance Officer

CGH - Colchester General Hospital

CHC - Continuing Healthcare

CHD - Coronary Heart Disease

CHUFT - Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust(An Acute Trust)

CIP - Cost Improvement Programme: Also known as ‘transformational change programmes’ and ‘improvement programmes’. A Programme aiming to result in improvements in Efficiency and transformation, generating cost savings.

CLA - Child/ren Looked After

CLRN - Comprehensive Local Research Network

CNS - Clinical Nurse Specialist

CO - Chief Officer

COI - Conflict of Interest

Conveyance Rate - % of patients attended by a 999 crew that end up being conveyed (taken to) an A&E.

COO - Chief Operating Officer

COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CPA - Care Programme Approach

CPD - Continuous Professional Development

CPR - Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

CQC - Care Quality Commission: Inspects services including hospitals, care homes, dental and GP surgeries, and all other care services in England to ensure they provide people with high standards of care, and encourages improvement.

CQRG - Clinical Quality Reviews Groups

CQUIN - Commissioning for Quality & Innovation (incentive schemes): The CQUIN payment framework links a proportion of English healthcare providers' income to the achievement of local quality improvement goals, which enables Commissioners to reward excellence.

CRG - Clinical Review Group

CRS - Crisis Response Service

CRT - Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy

CSE - Child Sexual Exploitation

CSO - Commisioning Support Organisation

CSS - Commissioning Support Services

CSU - Commissioning Support Unit:Provide commissioning support to NHS commissioners, including local

CCGs - Clinical Commissioning Groups. These specialist support services include financial management, procurement, contract management and IT services. The commissioning bodies work with the Local Authorities, Public Health and Regulatory Bodies to help ensure services meet the health and care
needs of the public.

CT - Computer Tomagraphy

CTS - Clinical Triage Service (see also SPoA)

CVD - Cardiovascular Disease

CVS - Community Voluntary Services

CVST - Community Voluntary Service Tendring

CWD - Child/ren With Disabilities

CWG - Communications Working Group (Health Forum Committee sub-group)


DA - Domestic Abuse

DAAT - Drug and Alcohol Action Team

DAP - Drug and Alcohol Partnership

DASH - Domestic Abuse Stalking and Harassment (assessment tool)

DC - District Council

DEXA - Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry

DES - Direct Enhanced Service

DH - Department of Health

DIEP - Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators (Breast Reconstruction)

DNA - Did Not Attend

DNR - Do Not Resuscitate

DOL - Deprivation of Liberty

DOLS - Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

DoS - Directory of Service

DPA - Data Protection Act (1988): Legislation which defines the UK law on processing and holding data on identifiable living people, and governs the protection of personal data.

DV - Domestic Violence

DW - Data Warehouse: A relational database which is designed for query and analysis. Information is integrated into the warehouse from a range of different transactional systems e.g. PAS for further use. In general a data warehouse store historical data which is non-volatile, meaning that once in the data warehouse the data should not be altered in any way.


EAU - Emergency Assessment Unit

ECC - Essex County Council or Exceptional Clinical Case

ECCP/ECP - Exceptional Clinical Case Panel / Exceptional Case Panel

ECH - Essex Country Hospital

ED - Emergency Department

EDS - Equality Delivery System

EGM - Extraordinary General Meeting

EEAST - East of England Ambulance Service Trust

EoE - East of England

EHR - Electronic Health Record: See EPR for description.

EIP - Early Intervention in Psychosis

EOC - Emergency Operations Centre

EoE - East of England

EoL - End of Life

EPO - Emergency Protection Order

EPR - Electronic Patient Record: An electronic collection of information about a person’s health and treatment, a way of viewing a person’s medical record using a computer interface. These are widely replacing traditional paper based patient records. Examples include Paris, CareNotes, Rio, Lorenzo, SystmOne.

EPRR - Emergency Planning Resilience & Response

EPRHO - East of England Public Health Observatory

ESAB - Essex Safeguarding Adults Board

ESCB - Essex Safeguarding Children Board

ESD - Early Supported Discharge

ETO - Enhanced Tariff Option (version of the national tariff in 2015/16)


FD - Finance Director

FII - Fabricated/Induced Illness

Floor Threshold - Minimum level of performance expected/contracted for.

F&P - Finance & Performance

FGC - Family Group Conference

FGM - Female Genital Mutilation

FHSAU - Family Health Services Appeal Unit

FNC - Funded Nursing Care

FOI - Freedom of Information (Act 2000/Request):Act of parliament which created a public legal right of access to information which is held by public authorities. Information can be requested by submitting an FOI request to an organisation, though information may not always be released as there are exemptions.

FRG - Financial Recovery Group

FROG - Financial Recovery Operation Group

FT - Foundation Trust

FUR - Freed Up Resources

FYFV - Five Year Forward View

FYO - Full Year Outturn (Finance)


GB - Governing Body

GMC - General Medical Council

GMS - General Medical Services

GP - General Practioner

GUM - Genito-Urinary Medicine


Handover - Term referring to the clinical transfer of a patient from the ambulance crew to another medical professional (i.e clinical team at a hospital A&E).

Handover to Clear - Term referring to the time taken from the point at which an ambulance crew clinically handover the patient to hospital staff to the point at which they are ready to get back on the road and take another call.

HART - Hazardous Area Response Teams

HCA - Health Care Assistants

HCAI - Heath Care Associated Infections

HEE - Health Education England

HEH - Herts & Essex Hospital

HES - Hospital Episode Statistics:A data warehouse containing details of all admissions, outpatient appointments and A&E attendances at NHS hospitals in England. Information is collected during a patients stay in hospital and is designed to enable secondary use of data. HES data covers all NHS trusts in England including acute and mental health trusts, with statistical reports are produced and published on a monthly basis.

HF - Health Forum

HFC - Health Forum Committee

HILL - Healthy Independent Longer Living

HiM - Health In Mind (NEE IAPT service)

HPA - Health Protection Agency

HPFT - Hertfordshire Partnership FT (providers of our LD & IAPT services)

HR - Human Resources

HRG - Health Resource Groups: Standard groups of clinically similar treatments, which utilise common levels of healthcare resources. HRG’s allow healthcare providers to view activity in terms of the treatment’s offered to patients. Important within the PbR process, HRG’s are the currency for admitted patient care and AE activity. During the payment process clinical codes are fed through the HRG grouper software and assigned an HRG code.

HSCIC - Health & Social Care Information Centre: The National provider of high-quality information, data and IT systems for health and social care.

HSMR - Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio: Mortality indicator, this scoring system takes into account the hospitals crude mortality rate and adjusts it for a wide variety of factors e.g. risk of operations, population size, range of treatments offers. For example, a district general hospital has a national expected HSMR of 100, if the figure is <100 – hospital performing better than national average for hospitals of that specialism i.e. DGH if >100, hospital is performing worse than the national average.

HWB - Health and Wellbeing Board


IAPT- Improving Access to Psychological Therapy: (the NEE Health In Mind service).

IBA - Identification and Brief Advice

ICD - Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

ICD - 10 International Classification of Diseases: Medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO) used in clinical coding. Codes may be assigned for diseases, symptoms, abnormal findings (for example).

ICO - Information Commissioners Office: Uphold information rights in the public interest, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and Freedom of Information Act 2000, rule on complaints, provide advice to organisations and can issue fines when the law is broken. For more information about the structure of NHS England and the health & care system see http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/thenhs/about/Pages/nhsstructure.aspx

IFR - Individual Funding Requests

IG - Information Governance: A framework of legal rules, guidance and best practice that apply to the handling of information, supporting compliance with the law, improvements in standards and implementation of central advice and guidance.

Information Governance - helps organisations to maintain confidentiality and security of personal and corporate information.

IG - Toolkit Online system through which NHS organisations and their partners can assess their compliance with Department of Health Information Governance policies and standards. Members of the public are also able to view participating organisations' IG Toolkit assessments.

IHB - In-House Budgets

IHRIM - Institute of Health Records & Information Management: A professional organisation and educational body for people working in health informatics, primarily in areas to do with health records, clinical coding, or information governance. http://www.ihrim.co.uk/

IM&T - Information Management & Technology: Informatics falls under different Department headings in different Trusts, for example you may find yourself working in an IM&T Department or Information Department, Performance Team, Risk Team or Information Team.

INT - Integrated Neighbourhood Team: Local terminology, MDT of health and social care professionals who will be allied to one of the 16 GP clusters in the borough. Focus of the teams is to streamline the approach to case managing care for patients with multiple LTC.

IP - In-patient

IPC - Infection Prevention & Control

IPT - Individual Placements Team, MH and LD

ISA - Independent Safeguarding Authority

IST - Intensive Support Team

IT - Information Technology

ITT - Invitation to Tender


JAR - Joint Agency/Area Review

JCB - Joint Commissioning Board

JHWS - Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

JSNA - Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


KPI - Key Performance Indicator: Help to define and measure progress towards goals of an organisation. They are measured using many interdependent perspectives, not just financial data. The aim is to help organisations focus on quality of care as well as financial goals.

KLOEs - Key Lines of Enquiry


LA - Local Authority

LAC - Looked After Child/ren

LADO - Local Authority Designated Officer

LAT - Local Area Team (NHS England)

LEAPs - Learning Experience Action Plan

LD - Learning Disability(ies)

LDRP - Local Dispute Resolution Panel

LES - Local Enhanced Service

LETB - Local Education and Training Board

LGN - Local Government Network

LHFs - Local Health Forums (formally known as LEFs Local Engagement Forums)

LHRP - Local Health Resilience Partnership

LIFT - Local Improvement Finance Trust

LINk - Local Involvement Netowkr

LMC - Local Medical Committees

LOS - Length of Stay: Details the duration of the patients inpatient stay with the hospital. Is commonly used in statistics and to set targets.

LPA - Lasting Powers of Attorney

LPC - Local Pharmacy Committee

LQR - Local Quality Requirement

LRF - Local Resilience Fora

LSCB - Local Safeguarding Children Board

LTC - Long Term Conditions: Chronic diseases – conditions for which there is currently no cure and are managed with drugs and other treatments. Examples of LTC’s are: Diabetes, COPD, hypertension. LTC’s are more prevalent in the older generation and in more deprived groups. Quick Stat – Kings Fund “People

LOS - Length of Stay


MAPPA - Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements

MARAC - Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (for high risk domestic abuse)

MCA - Mental Capacity Act

MDT - Multi-Disciplinary Team

MECCG - Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group

MEHT - Mid Essex Hospital NHS Trust (Broomfield Hospital)

MESCH - Maternal Early Sustained Child Home visiting model

MH - Mental Health

MHCC - Mental Health Care Clusters (aka HONOS Clusters)

MHLDDS - Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Data Set: (see MHMDS for description).

MHMDS - Mental Health Minimum Dataset: A patient-level data set relating to the care of recipients of mental care provision including length of stay and assessments undertake. It is a mandatory return, completed by providers of Mental Health services and it is made on a quarterly basis to the Health and Social Care Information Centre. From Sept 2014, the MHMDS will be renamed Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Data Set (MHLDDS) and providers will be required to also submit data for clients that are wholly or partially funded by the NHS.

MIG - Medical Interoperability Gateway: Healthcare gateway which connects information between healthcare systems.

MIU - Minor Injuries Unit

MOD - Ministry of Defence

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

Monitor - An executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health and the sector regulator for health services in England. Duties include ensuring Foundation Trusts are well-led and providing quality, sustainable care.

MPET - Multi Professional Education and Training

MRSA - Methicillin Resistant Strep Aureus: An infection often attributed to overuse of antibiotics.

MSK - Musculoskeletal

MSLC - Maternity Services Liaison Committee


NED - Non Executive Director

NEE - North East Essex

NEET - Not in Employment, Education or Training

NEL CSU - North East London Commission Support Unit

NEP - North Essex Partnership

NEPFT - North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust (A mental health trust)

NEPTS - Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service

NES - National Enhanced service

NICE - National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence

NHS - National Health Service

NHS CB/NCB - National Health Service Commissioning Board

NHSE -NHS England

NICE - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NMC - Nursing and Midwifery Council

NPfIT - National Programme for IT: Set up in 2002 to improve the uptake and use of IT solutions across the NHS. Expenditure was expected to be £12.4 billion over ten years to 2013–14. Projects include A National Electronic Patient Record,


OCU - Opiate and Crack Users

OD - Organisational Development

OEC - Operational Executive Committee

OTC - Over the Counter (medicine)

OP - Out patient

OOH - Out of Hours


PACS - Picture Archiving & Communications System: System provides secure storage, transmission and access to medical images such as X rays, CT scans, MRIs. Scanned documents can be added and stored as PDFs.

PAH - Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

PALS - Patient Advice and Liaison Service

PAS - Patient Administration System: Records key patient demographics such as name, date of birth and NHS number. Also performs key administrative functions including waiting list management and admissions.

PAS - Private Ambulance Service

PbR - Payment by Results: The rules based payment system by which healthcare providers are reimbursed by Commissioners for each patient seen or treated, taking into account the complexity of the patient’s case/needs.

PC - Primary Care

PCC - Primary Care Centre (Colchester, Turner Road)

PCI - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

PCT - Primary Care Trust

PD - Personality Disorder

PDU - Problem Drug Abuse

PIA - Privacy Impact Assessment: A tool that can be used to identify and reduce privacy risks associated with projects. It can help in the design of more efficient and effective processes for handling personal data.

PICS - Prescribing Information & Communications System: Rules-based electronic drug prescribing system, often used within hospitals. Aims to improve patient safety and aid clinical decision making.

PICU - Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

PID - Project Initiation Document: PRINCE 2 term representing project approach, assembled from a series of other projects documents (Business case/ risk register/project plan etc). It is communication document between the project manager and the project board. Defines the project and ensures everyone is one the “same page” – gives people the information they need to be productive and effective from the start.

PHE - Public Health England

PLR - Partnership Learning Review

PMS - Personal Medical Services

PMs - Practice Managers

PMS - Primary Medical Services

POD - Point Of Delivery (there are a whole range of acronyms within this)

PPCE - Patient, Public and Carer Engagement

PPCI - Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (Heart Attack)

PPE - Patient and Public Engagement

PPG - Patient Participation Group

PPI - Patient, Public Involvement

PQQ - Pre-qualification Questionnaire

PRG - Patient Reference Group

PropCo - NHS Property Company: Will manage NHS estate in future.

PTS - Patient Transport Service

PU - Professional Updates (training to maintain registration status)


QCE - Qualification Centre of Excellence

QII - Quality Improvement Initiative

QIPP - Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention (savings schemes): Sets out how the NHS is planning to make the £20 billion worth of efficiency savings required by 2015 and improve the quality of care at the same time.


RAPA - Recurrent Admission Patient Alert: Various hospitals may have developed a system which reflects the original objectives of this tool. RAPA facilitates assessment prior to admission and generates an electronic alert when a patient previously diagnosed with cancer presents to A&E.

RAU - Rapid Assessment UNit

RCA - Root Cause Analysis

RFC - Request for Change (also referred to as a change request): A request to make a change to a process. Typically in the context of an IT process, a RFC can include an amendment to an existing system e.g. addition of a new field – this RFC would be actioned by the technical team.

Red 1 - National performance standard (ambulances have to get a response to category Red1 patients within 8 minutes and the national standard is that this must be achieved on 75% of calls received). Note it says ‘response’ not ambulance so can be a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV).

Red 2 - National performance standard (ambulances have to get a response to category Red2 patients within 8 minutes and the national standard is that this must be achieved on 75% of calls received). Note it says ‘response’ not ambulance so can be a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV).

Red 19 - National performance standard (an ambulance must arrive on scene for category Red 1 and Red 2 patients within 19 minutes and the national standard is that this must be achieved on 95% of calls received).

ROSC - Return of Spontaneous Circulation

RRV - Rapid Response Vehicle

RSPH _ Royal Society of Public Health

RTT - Referral to Treatment Time: A nationally collated and published target measure which looks at the amount of time taken from the date a hospital receives a referral to treatment. For many services there is an 18 week RTT, through which providers are legally bound to provide treatment to a patient within that time frame.


S2H - Switch to Health

SARC - Sexual Assault Referral Centre

SC - Secondary Care

SCCN - Safeguarding Children Clinical Network

SCG - Specialist Commissioning Group

SCR - Summary Care Record: A centrally held electronic record containing only important health information such as allergies, adverse reactions to medications and current prescriptions (for use in emergencies). Part of the National Programme for IT, though uptake of the SCR across the NHS has been poor.

SCR - Serious Case Review

SDAP - Sustainable Development Action Plan

Section 75 - Statutory agreement between Health and Social Care

Section 256 - Statutory agreement between Health and Social Care

SEPT - South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

SETSAF - Southend, Essex and Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Form

SFIs - Standing Financial Instructions

SHA - Strategic Health Authroity

SHMI - Summary Hospital-Level Mortality Index: This is a Trust level mortality indicator of whether the number of deaths in a hospital is more or less than expected. It is calculated as a ratio of actual number deaths in hospital and within 30 days of discharge from hospital, and the expected number of deaths (risk adjusted for comorbidity, age, gender and admission method). It is published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) on a quarterly basis and covers all Acute non-specialist providers.

SI - Serious Incident

SINE - Panel Serious incidents & Never Events Panel

SIRO - Senior Information Risk Officer: An executive level member of the organisation who is an advocate for information risk management, and who is familiar with and takes ownership of the organisation’s information risk policy.

SIRI - Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation

SLA - Service Level Agreement

SO - Standing Order

SOIT - Sexual Offences Investigation Team (of police)

SOVA - Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

SPoA - Single Point of Access (see also CTS)

SPF - Strategic Planning Forum

SQL - Structured Query Language: Language used to extract and manipulate data from a relational database. There are a range of differing types of SQL, including T-SQL (Microsoft), MySQL, Oracle SQL and Postgre SQL.

SROG - Service Resilience Operational Group (formerly Urgent Care)

SSAFA - Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Assocication

STEMI - ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)

STLG - System Transformation Leadership Group

SU - Stroke Unit

SUDI - Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy

SUS - Secondary Uses Service: The single, comprehensive repository for healthcare data in England which enables a range of reporting and analyses to support the NHS in the delivery of healthcare services. SUS is a data warehouse containing this patient-level information. Data can be clear (patient identifiable), anonymised or pseudonymised as required for the user's needs. NHS providers and commissioners can use this data for 'secondary uses'; purposes other than primary clinical care. SUS provides a range of services and functionality which you can use to analyse, report and present this data.

SWE - South West Essex


Tail Breach - Length of time that a response missed the national standard by i.e if had to get there in 8 minutes but actually took 20 minutes then the ‘tail’ is 12 mins.

TAC - Team Around the Child

TDC - Transformational Formal Agreement

T&F - Task & Finish Group

TFA - Tripartite Formal Agreement

TIA - Transient Ischaemic Attack (Mini Stroke)

T&L - Talent & Leadership

TDC - Transformation and Delivery Committee

T&O - Trauma & Orthopedic

TOR - Terms of Reference

Turnaround Term referring to the time taken from the point an ambulance arrives at hospital to the point that same ambulance is clear and ready to accept another call (includes both arrival to handover and handover to clear referred to above).

TWG - Training Working Group (Health Forum Committee sub-group)


UC - Urgent Care

UHP - Unit Hours of Production (way EEAST track the amount of RRV, PAS and Ambulances they have put on the road in a specific period). Measured weekly.

UKCHIP - The United Kingdom Council of Health Informatics Professions: A voluntary regulation and registration body for Health and Social Care Informatics in the United Kingdom. http://www.ukchip.org/

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund


VAT - Value Added Tax

VBA - Visual Basics for Applications: A Microsoft programming language which can be built into a variety of applications such as Word, Excel and Access. It allows users to carry out a range of enhanced tasks within the application such as process automation.

VDU - Visual Display Unit: Any electronic display screen, including waiting room displays and computer screens.

VFM - Value for Money

VSO - Voluntary Sector Organisation

VTE - Veneous Thromboembolism


WECCG - West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group

WECS - West Essex Community Services

WHO - World Health Organisation

WIC - Walk-In Centre

WTE - Whole Time Equivalent


YOY - Year on Year

YTD - Year to Date