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A leading current affairs filmmaker and broadcaster is urging people to share their personal health care experiences by creating a short film.

David Akinsanya, a well-known face on BBC and Channel 4 for over 25 years and now equalities lead at the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System, has launched a new film competition with the aim of better understanding and tackling inequalities in the local health care system

People of all ages are being asked to create a 1 – 2 minute film that describes their recent experiences.

This will enable the local health care system to best understand the diverse range of experiences of people during the last year of COVID-19.The theme is How do we help everyone heal? and the focus is on addressing how we can rebuild our lives while addressing the realities of health inequalities through original and creative short films.

The competition is aimed at everyone regardless of age or ability – films can be made using just a smartphone and the film format could be a simple ‘straight to camera’ approach - or you could use a more a sophisticated approach using film editing.

There are great prizes up for grabs for the winners including i-pads, bikes and spa days and a special online awards ceremony will be held during May 2021.

David Akinsanya, equalities lead for the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System, said: “As a creator and broadcast for more than a quarter of a century I know the power and impact that film has on us all. Films are a really important medium for improving awareness and raising our understanding of people’s health care experiences over this time of Covid-19.

“Film entries might perhaps include the experiences of people from all communities, those with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, those living with mental health issues or obesity, or what it is like to live in a very deprived or remote area.

“Everyone’s experience is different. What’s vital is that we really hear about people’s individual experiences.

“The films will be a fantastic opportunity for us to hear some powerful personal testimony and understand the challenges for people living locally.”