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Celebrate the 70th Birthday of the NHS.

As part of North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) role in the FaNs Network and its involvement in Wishing Washing Line appeal, a team of volunteers from the CCG are organising an event for older people living in Colchester and Tendring.  The NHS 70 party will be an afternoon of vintage themed live entertainment and fun. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to join selected care homes and elderly residents from across Colchester and Tendring for a truly special afternoon facilitated by North East Essex CCG.

Through a range of fundraising activity, the CCG have raised £500 to run this event which will include a live band, dancers, Elvis and other activities.   

Jane Whitington Safeguarding Adults Lead for North East Essex CCG said ‘We are excited to be hosting a party for elderly residents living in north east Essex as part of the NHS 70 celebrations and the wishing washing line.  The idea of a party came from the FaNs Wishing Washing Line where many care home residents expressed a wish to have a party or live entertainment and a group of staff wanted to make this happen for as many other residents too across North East Essex.   We want to encourage as many people as possible to benefit from the event which I am sure will be a huge success.’

The party will take place at Great Bentley Village Hall on 9th September 2018 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.

This wonderful afternoon will be an opportunity to reduce isolation for elderly people and improve links with the community whilst celebrating the 70th Birthday of the NHS. 

For more information or to confirm your attendance please contact: or call 01206 918654.

Notes to the editor:

The Wishing Washing Line is a FaNs creation and is a simple but very effective way of joining the community with their local Care Homes, enabling them to become good FaNs (Friends and Neighbours), making a positive difference.

The Wishing Washing Lines have been established across the country. 

Residents of the Care Homes write a simple wish they would like granted and this wish is added to the washing line in their local store.

The idea is to encourage local people to read the wishes on the line and make contact with the care home in order to grant the wishes.

Some older people living in care homes may not have access to the community, regular visitors or any visitors.  This initiative is part of a wider strategy designed to improve the home lives of elderly people. 

Please find out more about the FaNs network online: