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North East Essex CCG is celebrating, having been rated ‘outstanding’ by NHS England (NHSE) in its Annual Assurance Assessment.

Pictured: North East Essex CCG staff.

NHSE formally recognised the Colchester based CCG’s key achievements across 2018/19, highlighting the work undertaken to achieve the overall rating - especially “the strong leadership, the pro-active approach to system working; and the commendable approach to organisational development.”  

Through collaboration with a broad range of system partners (including county, borough and district councils, the wider voluntary sector, St Helena Hospice, EPUT, ACE, GPPC and ESNEFT), the CCG has helped to establish the North East Essex Health & Wellbeing Alliance with the aim of transforming the health and wellbeing of the local population by creating a sustainable system of health and wellbeing services to meet the immediate and longer term needs of the communities across NE Essex.

Also noted was the CCG’s community engagement on topics such as the NHS Long Term Plan, actively engaging with hard to reach groups across the region and system partners to share and discuss the ideas set out in the national plan. The CCG held a wide range of public events through the year - such as ‘The Big Sing’ festive concert at Colchester Town Hall, a tea party for care home residents to mark NHS70, and supporting the Friends and Neighbours (FaNs) Network to create a ‘wishing washing line’ in the CCG, where wishes of local care home residents were displayed and fulfilled by staff members.

In addition, the CCG was shortlisted for two Health Service Journal (HSJ) awards, the ‘Innovation in Mental Health’ award for the Tendring Mental Health Hub and the ‘Improvement in Emergency and Urgent Care Award’ for the High Intensity Users project. The Hub helps those with mental health needs, often at risk of social isolation, poverty, substance misuse, and being victims or perpetrators of crime, to be supported by drop-in or referral appointments. Those who receive help can go on to become shop volunteers, building life skills that aid their reintegration into the community. By helping people to resolve problems at an early stage, the Hub has prevented them descending into crisis. The High Intensity Users project identifies patients who use health emergency services inappropriately, such as A&E and the ambulance services, and uses a personalised approach to support them to receive the assistance they need, while empowering them to take ownership of their health and wellbeing.

The CCG launched the Red Bag Scheme to ensure when a care home resident becomes unwell and needs emergency hospital treatment, care home staff fill the Red Bag with personal items such as medication, care records, dentures, glasses, hearing aid, toiletries, slippers and change of clothes. This enables the person to function well, get out of bed and be ready to go home from hospital as soon as they are able. North east Essex has the highest number of care homes in the region signed up to the Red Bag scheme (85).

Additionally, through the North East Essex Diabetes Service and with support of transformation funding, the CCG has improved outcomes for patients with diabetes in north east Essex and the outcomes for patients who have had a stroke are among the best in the country.

Another key achievement throughout the year was providing £110,000 to fund community based solutions to respond to higher winter pressures. This included supplying 300 packs to vulnerable residents containing vital resources to stay warm and conducting outreach sessions in at least six locations across the areas which are identified as at risk during the winter period. 

Ed Garratt, Accountable Officer for North East Essex CCG, Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG and West Suffolk CCG, said: “It is excellent to share that the CCG has secured an ‘outstanding’ rating from NHS England – a wonderful reflection of everyone’s hard work and dedication. What makes this more special is knowing that all three CCGs in our STP area have been rated ‘outstanding’ – probably a first for the country.

“This is recognition of the wide scope of innovative and effective work the organisation has and continues to carry out - in collaboration with our partners - to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

“Thank you to all our teams and partners for your energy, effort and dedication to achieve this.”



Other NEE CCG achievements recognised by NHS England include:

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