The North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group was statutorily abolished on the 1 July 2022 and replaced by NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB).
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NHS North East Essex CCG is responsible for shaping and designing the healthcare services that local people need, then selecting the best organisations to run them. The process of specifying a service and identifying the appropriate organisation or organisations to deliver the service is called Procurement.

The CCG follows strict processes to obtain best value for money whilst ensuring transparency fairness, equal opportunity and proportionality.

On this page, you can find out more about the processes we will follow in procuring services.

Procurement opportunities will be nationally advertised on the Contracts Finder website as well as, where relevant, in TED  (Tenders Electronic Daily) which is the official commercial supplement to the journal of the European Union.




Contracts Finder and TED  (Tenders Electronic Daily) advertise national and international tenders but for your convenience, the CCG also has its own e-procurement portal which will show all opportunities advertised by the CCG. The portal is maintained by a third-party organisation called Bravosolution.

Organisations wishing to express an interest in any current procurement opportunities must register to use the portal. Following registration, you will then be provided with login details allowing you to:

  • Confirm your expression of interest
  • Respond to pre-qualification requests for information and, if short- listed, receive invitations to tender
  • Download tender documentation
  • Submit responses electronically.

This e-tendering service and e-tendering helpdesk are provided free of charge to organisations. If you have any problems, contact the portal's technical support on or 02920 444257.

Role of Attain

Attain Health Management (Attain) is an independent provider of health management services. Attain is contracted by North East Essex CCG to act as an agent for and on behalf of North East Essex CCG. Thus, Attain conducts procurement exercises for and on behalf of the CCG.

Make an enquiry

If you have any questions about our procurement process, please contact the Procurement team using the details below:

Telephone: 01206 918703



Procurement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get on the CCG’s approved supplier list?

The CCG does not operate approved supplier lists. Requirements will be advertised as set out on the procurement page.

What is a Framework agreement?

A Framework agreement is an umbrella agreement which sets out the terms under which individual contacts (call-offs) can be made throughout the period of the agreement. In this specific context, we are referring to Framework agreements set up by third party organisations. Crown Commercial Service and ESPO are examples of Lead Organisations that have set up several Frameworks that could be accessed by the CCG. The Lead Organisation will have already gone through a formal, legally compliant procurement process in order to set up the Framework. Consequently, the CCG may occasionally opt to use the Framework for efficiency purposes. Most Framework agreements will offer the option of running a mini competition between the suppliers on the Framework. The CCG will take factors such as efficiency, risk, value for money or proportionality when deciding whether to run its own bespoke procurement or to use a third party’s Framework agreement.

Why do you request so much information from suppliers in your request for quotation or invitation to tender documents?

The CCG aims to make the procurement process as streamlined and as proportionate as possible in line with requirements. We are spending public money, so we have to be sure that the suppliers we are awarding contracts to are able to meet our requirements and adhere to expected quality standards.

What does your selection and award process usually entail?

  1. When awarding a contract, the CCG must ensure that the supplier will provide value for money and that services will be delivered effectively.
  2. The CCG will publish an advert, asking suitably qualified organisations to submit bids setting out how they will meet the CCG’s requirements
  3. The responses will then be evaluated in line with published criteria. The evaluation process will vary depending on the nature, risk and value of the requirement under consideration. The underlying rationale for the assessment of responses is that the decision-making process has to be fair, open and transparent. Any evaluator with a potential conflict of interest will be removed from the evaluation panel
  4. The CCG will then award the contract in accordance with the published methodology and in line with internal governance.

Is the CCG only interested in the cheapest price?

The CCG awards contracts on the basis of best value for money. This will normally be determined by evaluation of a combination of cost and quality criteria which will be stated in the Procurement documentation.

Where can I give feedback on procurement and the procurement process?

We are always keen to receive feedback and welcome both general and project specific comments. Please contact


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